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Dear visitors. We have not traduced the full investigations list. Only the most usual investigations are traduced.
The not traduced investigation we have marked with a lighter color on our webpage.


Investigations name Contracted with
the Mures county
Insurance house
1 Antigen Giardia lamblia materii fecale  
2 Coprocitologic  
3 Coprocultura+antibiograma
4 Culturi alte produse patologice
5 Culturi secreţie faringiană+antibiograma
6 Culturi secreţie genitală+antibiograma
7 Culturi secreţie nazală+antibiograma
8 Culturi secreţie uretrală+antibiograma
9 Culturi sercreţie otică+antibiograma
10 Detectare Rotavirus in materii fecale  
11 Examen Babes- Papanicolau  
12 Examen citologic vaginal  
13 Examen coproparazitologic 1proba
14 Examen micologic –cultură+antifungigrama  
15 Examen micologic direct KOH  
16 Examen micologic –microscopic colorat  
17 Examen microscopic colorat
18 Examen microscopic nativ
19 Hemoragii oculte  
20 Proba de digestie  
21 Spermocultura  
22 Spermogramm  
23 Urocultura +antibiograma
24 Urocultura +antibiograma+ sediment urinar  
25 Raclaj lingual- cultură fungi+antifungigrama