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Virulent marker

Dear visitors. We have not traduced the full investigations list. Only the most usual investigations are traduced.
The not traduced investigation we have marked with a lighter color on our webpage.


Investigations name Contracted with
the Mures county
Insurance house
1 Ac anti Helicobacter pylori-calitativ
2 Ac HBe  
3 Ac HCV cantitativ  
4 Ac.Anti HAV IgM
5 Ag HBe  
6 Ag HBs test rapid
7 Ag Helicobacter pylori-din materii fecale  
8 Anti Chlamydia trachomatis IgA  
9 Anti Chlamydia trachomatis IgG  
10 Anti Hbc IgM  
11 Anti HBc total (IgG+ IgM)  
12 Anti HCV
13 Anti Herpesvirus 1/2 IgG  
14 Anti Herpesvirus 1/2 IgM  
15 Anti HIV1+2 gyorsteszt
16 Anticorpi Anti Echinococcus granulosus IgG  
17 Anticorpi Anti toxocara canis IgG  
18 Anticorpi anti varicela zoster Ig G  
19 Anticorpi anti varicela zoster Ig M  
20 ARN virali hepatita C (cantitativ)  
21 Bitest  
22 Borellia Ig G confirmare  
23 Borellia Ig G depistaj  
24 Borellia Ig M confirmare  
25 Borellia Ig M depistaj  
26 Cytomegalovirus IgG  
27 Cytomegalovirus IgM  
28 RPR (VDRL ) syphilis
29 Rubella IgG  
30 Rubella IgM  
31 TORCH  
32 TORCH cu Chlamydia IgG/IgM  
33 Toxoplasma gondii Ig A  
34 Toxoplasma gondii Ig G  
35 Toxoplasma gondii Ig M  
36 TPHA-syphilis
37 Tritest