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Dear visitors. We have not traduced the full investigations list. Only the most usual investigations are traduced.
The not traduced investigation we have marked with a lighter color on our webpage.


Investigations name Contracted with
the Mures county
Insurance house
1 Ac anti ADN nativ/ dublu catenar  
2 Ac anti cardiolipina Ig G  
3 Ac anti cardiolipina Ig M  
4 Ac anti citrulina(CCP)  
5 Ac anti gliadina Ig A  
6 Ac anti gliadina Ig G  
7 Ac antifosfolipide Ig G  
8 Ac antifosfolipide Ig M  
9 Ac anti mitocondriali depistaj  
10 Ac anti nucleari depistaj  
11 Ac antireceptori acetilcolina  
12 Ac anti SCL-70 Ig G  
13 Ac anti Sm IgG  
14 Ac anti SS-A (Ro) Ig G  
15 Ac anti SS-B (La) Ig G  
16 Ag. HLA- B27  
17 ASLO  latex
18 ASLO semiqualitative determination  
19 Complement C3  
20 Complement C4  
21 Complexe imune circulante  
22 Crioglobulin  
23 Factor reumatoid –semicantitativ FR  
24 Factor reumatoid –latex FR
25 Interleukina-6 IL 6  
26 Immunoglobulin A  
27 Immunoglobulin E  
28 Immunoglobulin G  
29 Immunoglobulin M  
30 Proteina C reactiva –semicantitativ PCR  
31 Proteina C reactivă –latex PCR
32 TNFα