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Endocrinolgical markers

Dear visitors. We have not traduced the full investigations list. Only the most usual investigations are traduced.
The not traduced investigation we have marked with a lighter color on our webpage.


Investigations name Contracted with
the Mures county
Insurance house
1 Ac. anti microzomiali tiroidieni (anticorpi anti TPO)  
2 Ac anti receptori TSH  
3 Beta HCG  
4 Calcitonin  
5 Cortizol  
6 DHEA- S  
7 Estradiol  
8 FSH  
9 FT3  
10 FT4
11 Insulin Growth Factor I (IGF-I)  
12 LH  
13 Parathormon PTH  
14 Progesteron  
15 Prolactin
16 TT3  
17 TT4  
18 Testosteron  
19 TSH